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Commercial Snow and Ice Management

At Western Lehigh Services, we specialize in providing reliable and efficient snow removal services for commercial properties. Our services include snow plowing, shoveling, de-icing, and snow hauling. We use the latest snow removal equipment and safety protocols to ensure that your property is kept safe and clear of any snow and ice buildup. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and will work with you to create a snow removal plan that meets your needs. If you would like to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!

Salt Services

Taking preventative measures before a snowstorm is extremely important. Western Lehigh Snow provides salt services to emergency walkways and parking lots. This can help lessen the blow of snow cleanup and can keep your property clear of snow during minor snow showers.

Snow Removal

We offer commercial plowing to individual businesses for clearing their walkways. We also have the equipment to clear parking lots, plowing snow and ice out of the way.

Our plowing services are guaranteed to be done with the highest of safety standards so you can stay safe at work and your customers can stay safe while they are out and about.

Ice B’ Gone Magic

Ice B’ Gone Magic, also known as IBG Magic Granular or IBG Magic Liquid, is a highly effective ice melting product. It is highly effective down to -30°. Snow will melt with no plowing necessary. IBG Magic Granular works faster and lasts longer, saving you up to 30-50% in salt use. IGB Magic Granular is less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Ice B’ Gone Magic is brown, which means the customer can see material being applied. Since it is less corrosive, IGB Magic is safer for concrete and brick, and is environmentally friendly. This product will not harm grass areas or horticulture when applied correctly, dramatically reducing incidental damage.

Ice B’ Gone Magic vs. Rock Salt

Use of Ice B Gone Magic exclusively results in a substantial reduction of the volume of material required for de-icing applications. Three to four times as much sand/salt (60/40) mix is required to match the melting capacity but can’t touch the working temperatures of Ice B’ Gone Magic. By eliminating the use of sand, every contractor will realize great savings from reduced spring clean-up costs. Your customers will appreciate the absence of sand tracked into buildings reducing custodial care which will create a savings in time and labor for them. Not only is it more efficient than traditional methods, but it is also more cost effective.

Bulk Ice B’ Gone Magic prices are typically $25 to $30 more than ordinary rock salt, although only half of much is required with much better results at all temperatures without cleanup.

Benefits for Contractors

Bulk Ice B’ Gone Magic is effective for every snow removal contractor. Contractors who bill hourly or per visit will especially benefit by shutting spreader gates beyond the normal opening. Less material is used, yet the same level of service is achieved. Less material is used, but the same number of trips is possible. Flat rate contractors will make far fewer trips, resulting in material, time and money saved.

Contractor equipment will last easily two to three times longer. There will be less maintenance expense because IGB Magic does not have the extreme corrosiveness of rock salt. Rock salt can cause abrasive frictional damage on chains, bearings, and more.

Using Ice B’ Gone Magic

To apply Ice B’ Gone Magic during snow flurries or light snow events (less than two inches), set spreader gates to half the opening you usually use. Snow will “burn off” without plowing, saving you material, time, labor and fuel.

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